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This may include high school or college culinary baking degrees, certificates or courses, correspondence courses AIB, etc. Candidates must have verification of the Serv Safe certification or completion of a sanitation course offered by a school, government agency or association.

Aib exam guide

Academic Qualifications Qualifications Details: Experience 31 years Experience Description: At present serving as HOD for the second term from Numerical methods, Gas dynamics, Non-conventional energy power generation, Experimental techniques, Education technology and Environmental pollution, Computational fluid dynamics using Fluent software.

Served as Dean Faculty Welfare and Dean Research in the yeareach for a period of approximately 3 months. Pandey obtained his B.

Pandey also did M. Tech in Heat Power from the same Institute in Currently he is working as Professor of the Mechanical. He also served the department in the capacity of head from July 07 to 13 July He has also worked as faculty consultant in Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila, Philippines as seconded faculty from Government of India in the year Pnadey has got 36 SCI indexed journal papers and in total 80 research articles are indexed in Scopus.

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Ravi Ranjan Kumar and Prof. Proceedings 5 — Volumepp, Pandey, Experimental and numerical analysis of forced convection heat transfer in turbulent flow, Procedia Engineering —Elsevier Publications, doi: Deepak Sharma and K. Abhijit Dey and K. A comparative analysis of heat transfer in extended surfaces with and without holes, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering Volume Part F8,Pages Pandey, Size control synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles and its application as ZnO-water based nanofluid in heat transfer enhancement in light water nuclear reactor, Kerntechniq, 82 1; page 1—13, DOI Pandey, Facile synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticle and numerical investigation of nanofluids heat transfer characteristics for application in nuclear reactor using CFD Code has been published in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, Vol.

Experimental studies on hydrodynamics of re-circulating fluidized beds, International journal of Turbo and Jet Engines, Volume 24 2pp.

M, Numerical analysis of scramjet combustor with innovative strut and fuel injection techniques, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. Pandey, Numerical analysis on the effect of flow rates and jet diameters in rewetting vertical nuclear fuel bundles with jet impingements, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 94, AugustPP.

Effect of variation of length-to-depth ratio and Mach number on the performance of a typical double cavity scramjet combustor, Acta AstronauticaPP. Pinku Debnath and K.

Pandey, Investigation on the effects of operating variables on the performance of two-strut scramjet combustor, International Journal of Hydrogen EnergyVolume 41, Issue 45, 7 Decemberpageshttp: Pandey, Effect of parametric variation of strut layout and position on the performance of two-strut scramjet combustor, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 42, Issue 15, 13 April http: Pandey, Gautam Choubey, Fayez Ahmed, Dilbahar Hussain Laskar, Pushpdeep Ramnani, Effect of variation of hydrogen injection pressure and inlet air temperature on the flow-field of a typical double cavity scramjet combustor,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, volume 42pp XLIV 1pp.

SinghOveepsa Chakraborty and K. Pandey and Surya Kumar,: Pandey, Comparative study of co2 capture and storage technology: Pandey, D,H,Das and T.

Aib exam guide

CFD Analysis for pressure and temperature for a rocket nozzle with two inlets at mach 2. Pandey, CFD analysis of combustion phenomena at high speed fuel inlet of Mach 0. Sangeeta Pathak and K. Pandey, Experimental studies on genotoxic effects of pesticides on M1 generation of peas, 3rd International Congress of Environmental Research, September,University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius.

Pandey and Videsh Roy, Intake valve design for high level swirl induction in carbureted park ignition engine, 3rd International Congress of Environmental Research, September,University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius. Pandey Prateek Srivastava, K.

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Singh, Study on supersonic flows in the De Laval nozzle at Mach number 1. P Singh and R. The paper was presented but it is not published in the proceedings.Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.

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Aib exam guide

Please use the search option below to find your institution and the transfer courses and their ASU equivalencies. ABA Online Review Course for the CRCM Exam Compliance Training for Bank Boards Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for Compliance Reference Guide to Regulatory Compliance Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) for Compliance AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING (AIB) Key to Course Delivery Options.

AIBE (13) Registration has been started. Bar Council of India regulates the AIBE (13) examination. All India Bar Examination (AIBE) is a national level examination. As AIB’s unique monthly learning model allows MBA students to study just one subject at a time, only one exam per study period is to be prepared for.

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