An analysis of pink brain blue

Color in Dreams I want to start by dispelling the myth that people only dream in black and white.

An analysis of pink brain blue

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Well, that explains that. I had been wondering. David Andrade While it might be considered gibberish, it catches the essence of a psychedelic trip. The notion of being an observer of your own set of reactions, from which you seem to depart in a state of higher consciousness, matches with my own experiences.

This is intensified by the sensorial disruption that vivifies reality, and makes permissible an interpretation based on the very graphic patterns one sees in everything. TLongmire You say most certainly pseudo science David Andrade Yeah, the non-supression of entropy could certainly give way to a boundless perception of interacting possibilities, if I got u right.

An analysis of pink brain blue

Considering the highly entropic nature of the psychedelic state, it could enable us to perceive aspects of different interacting worlds by detaching us from our own our commonly perceived onewhich is how I understood the link you made with quantum physics.

TLongmire Fascinating article thanks for recommending it to me. Seems they call that 3d fractal I saw entropy and the observer the secondary self and I suppose what I witnessed they would call an avalanche.

An analysis of pink brain blue

They assumed a scientific view which I can as well but tend towards magical thinking managed only due to necessity; There is a lot to there paper as far as formal insights go but the visualization is what is lacking which would open the eyes of many if it could be shone.

Ill say it again I vividly experienced it and know what it looks like. David Andrade I second that. Were the participants experienced in psychotropics? Metalhead Nick Also, did the brain maintain any of the stable connections when the trip was over?

In my experience, I felt that the discoveries and new perspectives from the experience have stayed with me — no acid flashbacks, curse my luck — but in my perceptions, attitudes, my ability to accept other interpretations of reality, etc.

I have to say I really find it to be the most amazing thing. All the religious or cosmic aspects aside, it simply amazes me that it actually happens.

But beyond just a powerful experience leaving an indelible mark on your perspective or whatnot, I assume it must alter the connections more than that. That aside, I do have kind of permatrails though.

Worse at night and different lighting affects it, but I even see trails on the tv. But why would t it be?


The experience itself is as impossible to describe as describing an orgasm to someone whose never had one. But it also could be just the sensation of immanence — like deja vu is the sensation of recurrence — with no basis in fact.

Whatever it is, I would hate to live a life without having experienced it. Also, that almost every culture has discovered some form of these substances, and usually treasure them. Did we evolve to crave the experience, or is something deeper going on? As to the other, hallucinagins are reasonably common in nature as I think most of them are related to triptamine.

Or substituted triptamines of hich serotonin is one. Basically by changing one element in the chain you get something a little different. Animals like it — hence why raindeers fly in legends.Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow into Troublesome Gaps—and What We Can Do About It.

We don't know much about computer hacking here at Cracked, because that stuff involves numbers, but we've come across a whole bunch of different crazy brain and body hacks over the years.

Pink Brain, Blue Brain In the article “Pink Brain, Blue Brain”, scientist conducted a case study where adults bought in their children that were aged around 11 months old.

Spirituality, religion, art, culture, philosophy, attitude to life itself. Dark blue (negative philosophy) e.g. superstition or fearful form of religion.

When fear (black) is mixed with blue (fear pollutes attitude to life). Figure 1. Figure 1. Stages of the Addiction Cycle. During intoxication, drug-induced activation of the brain’s reward regions (in blue) is enhanced by conditioned cues in areas of increased.

Brain images, Brains of Normal Control Males compared to brains of Males w/Schizophrenia. Source: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, University of California, Los Angeles,.

For more pictures of the disease process of schizophrenia see below, and also: Neuro Imaging of the impact of the disease process of schizophrenia.

Fatigue following brain injury International Brain Injury Association - IBIA