Big writing activities

Founded by Steve Mueller, a Valencia resident for more than 18 years and a part-time resident of Mammoth Lakes for nearly seven years, we offer a wide array of basic home repair and improvement services for your home or rental property. Third Grade Writing Worksheets and Printables This professional selection criteria writing service of our web site features over for writing activities for young people. These printable classroom materials include thank you notes, english themed writing paper, poetry activities, and more. Creative is our hope that your students enjoy all aspects of the writing process and learn about themselves and the world around them in the process.

Big writing activities

It consists of four short stories about the main character, Little Bear. The following activities for Little Bear are flexible enough for you to select according to your classroom needs.

Little Bear Vocabulary Pick and choose the vocabulary you will share with your kindergarten or first-grade students from each of the four Little Bear stories to use in activities before and after reading.

Blending Letters Type the vocabulary words on a sheet of paper. Ask students to browse through the list of vocabulary to identify consonant blends, such as ch, sh, and th, and practice pronouncing the words and the blend sounds.

Parts of Speech Practice Pre-teach this activity by providing a definition of a noun. Students will then practice using nouns by drawing a picture of a person, a place, and a thing on three separate index cards.

Big writing activities, students will use the three noun pictures to write a simple sentence.

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For variety, ask students to trade their cards with another student without offering an explanation of the pictures. Students will write the sentences and read them to each other.

Ask them to pick out the nouns in the sentences. Synonyms and Antonyms After all vocabulary words are explained, students will list words that mean the same and words that mean the opposite of vocabulary words listed. All words on the left will mean the same as cold. All words on the right will mean the opposite of cold.

Increase their vocabulary by adding challenging words to their synonyms and antonyms lists. Beneath each picture, write the physical descriptions. Compare the lists for common traits.

Follow this activity with pictures of Mother Bear and Little Bear.

big writing activities

Ask students to compare their physical appearance, but also to describe how they act in the stories. Cause and Effect Students will read each of the following sentences from the story and decide which part is the effect what happens and which part is the cause why it happened.

Little Bear asks for a coat because he is cold. Mother Bear made snow pants for Little Bear because he wanted to play outside. Little Bear made Birthday Soup so his friends would have something to eat. Little Bear wore a space helmet because he was going to the moon.

Since Little Bear jumped from a tree, he came down with a plop. Little Bear could not sleep because he was wishing. Mother Bear told Little Bear a story so he could fall asleep. Sequence Have students choose one of the four stories and demonstrate the sequence of events by illustrating a comic strip.

Students need only fold a plain sheet of paper into four squares, outline the cross section with a crayon or marker, and fill in the squares with events from the story in the order they occurred.

Space Adventures Students will make space helmets from shoe boxes, chenille stems, and acrylic pom-poms. Once the helmets are on, let student imaginations take flight. What are their observations about space, the moon, or some distant planet? Does it remind them of Earth?

Students can use this play time to improve how to describe, how to compare and contrast information, and draw conclusions based on their imaginary surroundings.

Soup Kitchen Provide students with a cut-out of a stew pot and ask them to draw their ingredients into their very own stew. They must come up with a name for their stew and describe how it would taste. With these activities for Little Bear, your students will develop necessary language arts and reading skills while cultivating a joy for reading.

Article Resources Minarik, Else Holmelund.Limiting TV viewing frees up time for reading and writing activities. It is worth noting that captioned TV shows can be especially helpful for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, studying English as a second language, or having difficulty learning to read.

Big Summer Booklists;. Activities to go with the book The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear Magnet Page for The Little Mouse Complete the Drawing for the Little Mouse. BIG WRITING and VCOP – (Years 2 to 6) A major outlet/opportunity embraced by teachers revolves around the encouragement of students to compose written text, usually know as Big Writing.

Students can be creative in learning grammatical concepts, experimenting with what works for them. 54 responses to “Collaborative writing activities” creativitiesefl.

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January 14, at pm. I’m a big fan of collaborative writing! I think the circle writing activity can work with a follow-up (I’ll write this up for my blog sometime).

I also have a nice collaborative idea writing a . Building reading skills in third graders is exciting with the many different third grade reading activities from below.

From creating a guide on how to be a pet sitter, to writing out the classic green eggs and ham recipe, to drawing homophones, students will have ample opportunity to. Alphabet Activities A collection of quick ideas to use for teaching about the alphabet. March Around the Alphabet This is a lot of fun.

March Around the Alphabet This is a lot of fun. The children gain added exposure to the letters while including the excitement of a stop-and-go game!

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