Chapter 5balance sheet and statement of

Use withFinancial Accounting and Reporting: Content of the annual report example Business reporting Key financial information Letter from the President Management report Financial reporting Consolidated financial statements Notes to the consolidated financial statements Report of the auditors Financial statements of the parent company Information on shares Use withFinancial Accounting and Reporting: Difference between single-step and multiple-step Use withFinancial Accounting and Reporting: DingDifference refers to the two different ways to write the basic business equation see Chapter 2

Chapter 5balance sheet and statement of

Intermediate Accounting, 13th Edition,Donald E. Illustration Balance Sheet ClassificationChapter Balance SheetCurrent AssetsCash and other assets a company expects to convert into cash, sell, or consume either in one year or in the operating cycle, whichever is longer.

Chapter 5balance sheet and statement of

Cash equivalents are short-term highly liquid investments that will mature within three months or less. Any restrictions or commitments must be disclosed.

A company should clearly identify Anticipated loss due to uncollectibles. Amount and nature of any nontrade receivables. Receivables used as collateral. Chapter Balance Sheet Current AssetsPrepaid ExpensesPayment of cash, that is recorded as an asset because service or benefit will be received in the future.

Securities Fixed assetsSpecial fundsNonconsolidated subsidiaries or affiliated companies. Chapter Balance Sheet Noncurrent AssetsLong-Term InvestmentsSecuritiesbonds, stock, and long-term notesFor marketable securities, managements intent determines current or noncurrent classification.

Total investments Property, Plant, and Equip.

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Building Land,,84,2, 1, ,Balance Sheet Noncurrent AssetsProperty, Plant, and EquipmentTangible assets used in the regular operations of the business. Limited life intangibles amortized. Indefinite-life intangibles tested for impairment.

All covenants and restrictions must be disclosed. Illustration Chapter Balance Sheet Classification ExerciseExercise Chapter Additional Information ReportedThere are normally four types of information that are supplemental to account titles and amounts presented in the balance sheet: Evaluating the capital structure and stewardship of assets Assess risk and future cash flowsAnalyze the companys: Used in conjunction with Net Income to help assess the amounts, timing, and uncertainty of cash flows.

InvestingCash inflows and outflows from non-current assets. FinancingCash inflows and outflows from non-current liabilities and equity. Noncash charge to expenses. Issuance of common stock to purchase assets. Conversion of bonds into common stock.

Issuance of debt to purchase assets. Exchanges on long-lived assets. Cash flow from Operations: High amount - company able to generate sufficient cash to pay its bills. Low amount - company may have to borrow or issue equity securities to pay bills.

A ratio near 1: Chapter Usefulness of the Statement of Cash FlowsFree Cash FlowIllustration The amount of discretionary cash flow a company has for purchasing additional investments, retiring its debt, purchasing treasury stock, or simply adding to its liquidity.Accounting archive containing a full list of accounting questions and answers from April 22 Balance Sheet and Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows Statement of Cash FlowsLearning Objectives Learning Objectives 1.

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Chapter 5balance sheet and statement of

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