Charcoal manufacturing business plan

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Charcoal manufacturing business plan

The first phase of the project is assumed to run for five years when results would be assessed to see if further investment in a charcoal making project having a higher output and an investment in continuous retort systems could be justified.

The cost studies show that at the offered price the project cannot be profitable using wood as raw material in the continuous retort system. Using forest residues as raw material, both options, i. In the attached cost study this has been followed and the incidence of the various unit operations on total costs clearly seen.

The relatively minor incidence of the carbonisation operation on total costs is notable and typical of successful charcoal operations in general. Some special aspects of the proposed scheme need emphasis. An advantage is the availability of forest residues because this implies no stumpage cost.

A general idea of the scale of the enterprise can be gained as follows. If the production target would be greater i. Of course these cost studies are very simplified and can only be used as a first approach in order to start a prefeasibility study. Information on the diameter charcoal manufacturing business plan of the resource is also needed though it is probably not charcoal manufacturing business plan in detail.

If low ash is required in the product it compels a preference for large diameter wood to reduce the proportion of sapwood. But there is no cheap small-scale technology for preparing this wood for carbonising. This is more or less essential to obtain adequate regeneration of the logged areas and to extract the pulp, sawlog and charcoal in the most economic way.

If there is a large chipmill in the area it would be an adequate supply of logging contractors. This means there will be no problem in arranging for logs to be supplied to the carbonising sites.

At the same time it tends to set the price at the going rate for pulpwood harvesting.

charcoal manufacturing business plan

Although there are successful continuous and semi-continuous charcoal plants in operation in the world, in general they are much too costly in capital investment and that fact must be seriously considered in any actual project.

There are many proposals for continuous charcoal making plants but there are only three industrially proven systems; the Herreschoff type rotary hearth furnace, the lambiotte vertical continuous retort and the semi-continuous Reichert retort see Chapter 3.

Portable steel retorts are used in Europe to produce lump charcoal of good quality but only as a forest clean-up operation.

They have been tried in a number of countries but are unsuitable for sustained charcoal production as they require a larger initial investment than brick kilns for the same production and their working life and labour productivity is much lower.

A Sample Charcoal Briquettes Production Business Plan Template

The only advantage which they possess is an ability to be brought to the side of the standing tree and hence are useful in forest and parkland clean-up operations, the low cost of the wood at the side of the kiln offsetting their other disadvantages.

They could be of use in the early stages of the project to prove methods of block: In some projects they would not be permitted in the forest because of fire hazard and therefore are only useful for experimental burns outside the forest.

However, any serious attempt to make charcoal would require brick kilns.

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The Argentine or Brazilian types are the logical choice. The Argentine half-round kiln is cheap and easy to use. About 22 kilns in two charcoal production centres would be adequate. Each group of eleven would require a carbonising crew of four with some overtime.

Depending on the way the wood resource is distributed it may be feasible to locate two groups of kilns at one site which would bring operating economies offsetting a higher wood transport cost. For maximum efficiency it is necessary to operate the kilns in groups of because of the way labour for carbonising is organised.

All other services such as wood preparation and shipping of charcoal can be combined in one site. If this is not done then it can spontaneously ignite. Hence there must be provision for storage of two days production on the ground and double handling into the containers.

With luck it may be possible to avoid a screening operation.

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Most of the high ash charcoal is in the fines fraction but there is a possibility that even including fines the charcoal may still meet the ash specification. If not a simple gravity coarse screening operation at the time of loading may be required.

About ten percent of the charcoal will be fines and the cost calculations assume this loss. If fines can be sold then production costs will be reduced correspondingly. There are two sources of significant ash in the product, mud and sand picked up on the logs during skidding and earth picked up from the surface of the charcoal-making site during handling operations.

Fortunately after the site has been in use for a short while it becomes covered with a compact layer of charcoal fines, admittedly of higher ash content, and this more or less prevents mineral contamination.

At an early stage in project development the amount of mineral matter being carried along with the wood needs to be checked by sampling and analysis to see if special precautions are needed.

One percent ash by weight is only about 0. Carbonisation of wood produces smoke and a strong odour of wood tar and other substances in the vicinity which can be carried downwind for some kilometers.Your charcoal company's business plan should be tailored to your business's unique traits and goals.

Yet good business plans universally hit on sound business plan elements: Mission Statement – Your description of your charcoal business's reason for existing. charcoal, developing nations typically make charcoal using the following two methods.

In the pit method, an operator will dig a hole in the ground, ranging from one to one hundred cubic meters. Wood sawdust briquette production business plan.

Profitability calculations. The investing plan of the project contains the world prices on wood and charcoal briquettes, their cost prices and intended wholesale rates at which project parties will sell their production.

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This business plan considers the fulfillment of the project on fuel sawdust briquette production with usage of modern briquetting technologies in the West of Ukraine.

Business plan structure The summary introduces the initiator of the project, describes the structure of the business plan, its .

Chapter Economics and planning in charcoal production