Chronicles of the narvaez expedition

The contract gave him one year to gather an army, leave Spain, found at least two towns of one hundred people each, and garrison two additional forts anywhere along the coast.

Chronicles of the narvaez expedition

The Chronicle is the first published book by a European about what was to became the United States. Cabeza de Vaca included information about gold and copper, as well as other metals and minerals in the area, objects of desire for many an explorer who followed him.

Even before arriving there, the voyagers dealt with many problems, including a hurricane that sank two of its ships. Only Cabeza de Vaca and three others of the original crew who took the inland journey made it back to Spain alive. Cabeza de Vaca spent many years moving through territory not previously seen or explored by Europeans, suffering from soul-crushing hunger, thirst, and physical pain.

He was among the first white men to see bison, and he writes about the many Indian tribes he encountered and lived with, their social customs, and the local land, flora, and fauna. Eventually, Cabeza de Vaca and the three other men remaining from the original expedition found other Spaniards and reached Mexico City inand they were able to return to Europe in The Chronicle was originally written for the king of Spain as a private report in Cabeza de Vaca was trying to convince his king to name him governor of La Florida, but the position went to Hernando de Soto.

The author later received his own governorship in South America in Inthe Chronicle was published in Spain to a limited circulation. The version of the Chronicle became more widely read.

While in many senses the expedition at the heart of the Chronicle was a failure, the book describes a triumph of perseverance. Though all of their possessions were lost and he and his companions often lacked food and water, they were able to adapt to the environment as well as many aspects of the Indian way of life.

Cabeza de Vaca repeatedly emphasizes that he lived as naked as many of the Indians for much of his journey; they did what they had to do to survive.

As the natural riches and native cultures Cabeza de Vaca encountered sparked the European imagination and drive to claim and conquer, the Chronicle is a critical link in the chain of events that shaped the modern North American political, social, and economic landscape.

He concludes, "this is the only thing that a man who left there naked could bring back with him. Pedro de Vera, his maternal grandfather, was involved with conquering the Canary Islands. The expedition was a complete debacle, with only the author and a few others surviving the inland journey. This experience was also disastrous, ending in mutiny.

Inhe returned to Spain as a prisoner charged with corruption and spent eight years in jail. He wrote another memoir about the experience in Comentarios. Cabeza de Vaca died in or in Spain. On a governor-ordered trip to buy supplies in a port city in Trinidad, Cabeza de Vaca barely escapes death as a hurricane hits.

The author and about thirty men are on shore while the hurricane rages, and they are the only survivors from the two ships that were originally sent for supplies.

The governor arrives with his ships a few days later, in early November The expedition remains in the port of Xagua until February as many of the survivors are now afraid to sail in winter. The expedition finally reaches Florida on April 12,and sails along the coast until they reach a bay inhabited by Indians.

The next day, the governor and the men, including the author, go ashore. Cabeza de Vaca reports that the Indians want them to leave, but they do not do anything about it except to leave themselves.

How We Went to the Interior Two days later, the governor decides to start exploring the land. On the second trek inland a few days later, a small party captures four Indians, who take the group to their village.

They find items from Castile and New Spainas well as some gold. The Indians tell them about a distant place called Apalache, which has a great deal of gold and other valuables.

The expedition plans to take some of these Indians as guides and go there. The governor meets with a few of the leaders of the expedition and lays out his plan to move inland while his ships remain sailing along the coast until they reach a certain harbor.

Cabeza de Vaca vehemently disagrees with the plan.This new Norton Critical Edition recounts the –36 expedition of Cabeza de Vaca, the first Spanish explorer to cross North America.

Chronicles of the narvaez expedition

Published in to an astonished and captivated public, Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition tells the unforgettable story of a sixteenth-century soldier turned. The New World story of the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca in his own words This riveting true story is the first major narrative detailing the exploration of North America by Spanish conquistadors ().

De Vaca was part of a doomed expedition, and this is more about his trip home which took YEARS.

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition Summary

Part ethnography, part travel literature, in my mind, one of the most interesting tidbits of this particular account is the appearance of Panfilo de Narvaez, the same man sent to Mexico to round up Cortes and his men during the conquest of Mexico/5.

The Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition () is Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca's account of his years as a survivor of a doomed Spanish mission, lost in what is now the southern part of the United States.

The expedition landed at present-day Tampa Bay, Florida, and moved from Florida to Texas. The author, Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, was a fortune-seeking Spanish nobleman and the treasurer of an expedition sent to claim for Spain a vast area of today's southern United States.

In simple, straightforward prose, Cabeza de Vaca chronicles the nine-year odyssey endured by the men after a shipwreck forced them to make a westward journey on foot from present-day Florida through /5(24).

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