Coin operated car wash business plan

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Coin operated car wash business plan

But there are some challenges involved in buying a car wash business for sale.

Types of Car Washes

There Are Three Model Types: Small business buyers considering this industry will be aided by understanding its three basic business models.

The "tunnel" wash uses a long building for soaping and rinsing as each vehicle travels on a conveyor and later is dried and vacuumed by hand. With employees to manage, and a seven-figure cost, this is the most demanding of the carwash models.

coin operated car wash business plan

The owner of this business type often is a corporation or partnership, with two or more people involved, each investing capital, borrowing ability and management time. Least costly and also the lowest revenue producer is the "self-service" installation using individual bays with wash wands, soap brushes and, once the customer has cleaned the metal finish--front to back, some coin-operated vacuum cleaners to do the same to the interior.

A review of car wash businesses currently available on this site reveals there are opportunities in each of the three categories, with some businesses that seem to be hybrids, offering a mixture of facilities. And while some for-sale carwash businesses involve an installation on leased property, other offerings include the real estate.

Most car wash business buyers are particularly interested in businesses with real property offered in the package. It means security; no risk of losing the right to conduct business on the site, and the possibility of enjoying property appreciation.

Other buyers in this category, however, want their investment to go strictly for revenue production. The more money they can put in, the more immediate income they expect to receive.

For this part of the market, a carwash with a long lease, perhaps an option to buy the property in the future is the most appealing opportunity.

Valuation A car wash for sale might be a relatively uncomplicated business to operate. But determining its value usually is a challenge.

Costs of Starting a Car Wash

Various appraisal approaches are advocated, and the valuation problem is complicated by the question of whether real property is involved. One popular guideline suggests starting with a determination of market value for assets, including equipment and improvements, inventory and - if this is the case - the real estate.

Arriving at the total will involve taking inventory of parts and supplies at their costs, and adding the appraised value of the property, buildings and equipment. To this value, add what the business is worth.

And whether the appropriate multiplier is closer to two, or to three, depends on the same factors taken into consideration when evaluating any business, such as location and condition of the equipment. On a cautionary note, it should be pointed out that many municipalities are concerned about the land use, water use and wastewater discharge associated with car wash businesses.

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A visit to City Hall should be part of the investigation of any carwash business, to make sure there are no planned changes in laws or ordinances that will negatively affect the business.The coin-operated dog washes automatically dispense water and shampoo and operate on timers; similar to automatic car washes.

The non-coin operated system involves someone taking the customers' money, with no set time limit. Car people are two things: deeply attached to our rides and cheap as hell.

We don’t like random jokers touching our cars, and we want the highest quality results for the least amount of money. Coin operated car washes allow automobile owners the chance to clean their own cars with professional equipment. Coin operated car washes will cost owners substantially less money than full serve washes.

_____ Car Wash is a 3 bay coin/cash operated to customers who want to provide their own labor, and a two bay automatic offering cleaning services to those who prefer a lower cost “drive-thru” alternative. One of the most popular business offerings is the car's considered easy to run, the number of cars on the road continues to increase, while it doesn't seem that car wash .

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How to Open a Car Wash Business: 14 Steps (with Pictures)