Daily 5 writing activities kindergarten

You guys asked… and I am delivering. Here is a small picture into how I do the Daily 5! I do 8 literacy stations each and every day for about an hour and a half in the mornings. Here are my stations:

Daily 5 writing activities kindergarten

Daily 5- Word Work! I have been SO impressed with the comments left on these posts- thank you so much! The winner from the last post is This is a daily 5 writing activities kindergarten comment- thanks Deb! Let me first show you how I store my word work: I like having the large drawer at the bottom to hold the bigger stuff.

So let's take a look in each drawer This is my dry erase drawer. It is simple- write your words on the dry erase board. I will give you a link at the end for all the papers I show in the post. This is a direction sheet that stays in the drawer for the kids- they know to read the directions about what is needed if they forget instead of asking me.

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OH side note I use my spelling words for the week as my word work. I find that works the best and we can focus on that phonics sound for the week.

I store the word lists on the side of my word word container like this: I have 2 lists challenge and regular. I call them list 1 and list 2. Colorful words- put makers in a bag and then the kids write their words in a colorful way.

I have the kids do this in their "word work" notebook which is just a section of a spiral notebook. These little guys came from Target dollar spot- keep your eyes peeled as I usually seem them come out in August.

I believe I got the little containers from Staples. I have a separate sheet where the kids stamp their words- Next up The most popular drawer!

That is why there is only one lonely play-doh left in this drawer! They are used for writing the words on a "pancake" style play-doh instead of forming each letter. I got the container from JoAnns. I added a white circle sticker to the top of the bottle cap. The kids use the letters to spell out their words- another favorite!

Also in the bottom drawer These are just foam letters from Michaels. The kids love these! Hard to tell as these got mangled but they are Wikki Stix! The kids had a lot of fun with these and I need to buy more! Finally, the amazing reading specialist at my building had a great idea of using an old keyboard to "type" out their words What a fun idea!

I have some keyboards ready to go for this year. If you don't have a word work notebook I have created a cover and paper you could use to make your own! I spend a LOT of time building stamina on:In the kindergarten room this week we introduced Work on Writing!

Three years ago before our school introduced the Daily 5, my students would moan every time I said we were going to write. Kinder Writing Teaching Kindergarten Writing Kindergarten Writing Journals Kindergarten Word Work Daily 5 Writing Work On Writing Writing Centers Daily 5 Centers Reading Center Ideas Forward This activity is good for nonverbal emotions as well as language and writing development.

Jul 18,  · Daily 5- Word Work! {giant freebie!} Word Work is organized. I use literacy work stations with my kinders but I am thinking about trying to incorporate more Daily 5 activities after your blog posts.

I don't use spelling words but I do like the fact of your List 1 and 2 challenge and regular words. Daily 5- Work on Writing Author: Tori's Teacher Tips. During the work time the kids choose one of the daily 5 rotations (read to self, read with someone, work on writing, listen to reading, working with words) while the teacher meets with small groups (guided reading or strategy) or holds individual conferences.

Kindergarten is a pivotal year for young writers. Kindergarteners learn the alphabet and use it to form their first short words. Our kindergarten writing worksheets allow your young scholar to practice writing letters, sight words, and short sentences.

Visual tracing and writing exercises will. Daily 5 Ideas. November 6, By Mary Amoson 4 Comments. Click here to get my Kk Activities that I use with Daily 5 activities each week.

daily 5 writing activities kindergarten

(This is where the writing activities from today came from.) I hope this peek helps! If so, I will be happy to show you more! Related Posts.

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