Essay on reasons for abortion

A podcast about pregnancy and drug use. Look I sprained my hand! Subscribe to our daily or weekly digest. Obviously, these two pundits know better and are just being dishonest with the viewers, but that they are engaging in this rhetoric in the first place speaks to a serious problem in how abortion is discussed in this country.

Essay on reasons for abortion

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September 2, Context The immediate explanation that women often give for seeking induced abortion is that the pregnancy was unplanned or unwanted.

However, the myriad social, economic and health circumstances that underlie such explanations have not yet been fully explored. Methods Findings from 32 studies in 27 countries were used to examine the reasons that women give for having an abortion, regional patterns in these reasons and the relationship between such reasons and women's social and demographic characteristics.

The data come from a range of sources, including nationally representative surveys, official government statistics, community-based studies and hospital- or clinic-based research.

Results Worldwide, the most commonly reported reason women cite for having an abortion is to postpone or stop childbearing. The second most common reason—socioeconomic concerns—includes disruption of education or employment; lack of support from the father; desire to provide schooling for existing children; and poverty, unemployment or inability to afford additional children.

In addition, relationship problems with a husband or partner and a woman's perception that she is too young constitute other important categories of reasons.

Women's characteristics are associated with their reasons for having an abortion: With few exceptions, older women and married women are the most likely to identify limiting childbearing as their main reason for abortion. Conclusions Reasons women give for why they seek abortion are often far more complex than simply not intending to become pregnant; the decision to have an abortion is usually motivated by more than one factor.

While improved contraceptive use can help reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion, some abortions will remain difficult to prevent, because of limits to women's ability to determine and control all circumstances of their lives.

International Family Planning Perspectives,24 3: This lack of information is part of an overall scarcity of data on abortion. Legal, moral and ethical issues surrounding abortion make research on all aspects of abortion difficult to undertake, and also affect the quality of the information obtained.

Collecting good information on reasons for abortion may be especially difficult, because it requires asking women to articulate the often complex and sensitive process that led to the decision. Some might argue that we already know why a woman obtains an abortion—she does not want the pregnancy—and that we need look no further.

However, while at one level almost all abortions result from unintended pregnancies, there can be many steps between acknowledging an unplanned pregnancy and having an abortion. Moreover, many women who have an unintended pregnancy either do not seriously consider having an abortion or do not consider it at all.


Some will simply adjust to the pregnancy; for others, an initial desire to discontinue a pregnancy can change because they were either ambivalent themselves or because they acceded to the preferences of others.

On the other hand, conditions that were either unknown or were less serious before conception may also change, so that a pregnancy wanted at the time of conception is no longer wanted later on. They may face personal and social barriers such as their husband's objections or community values that oppose abortion.

In countries where safe abortion services are scarce, only affluent women who can afford the fees of a private doctor will obtain an abortion, along with poorer women who are so determined they are willing to risk their health and life in seeking out unsafe clandestine services. Even though the planning status of a pregnancy does not tell us the full reason why women choose abortion, understanding the prevalence of unplanned pregnancy and its proximate cause—nonuse of contraceptives or contraceptive failure—is essential for understanding the context within which women seek abortion.

Evidence abounds that a high proportion of women become pregnant unintentionally, in both developed and developing countries. In the United States and in some Eastern European countries for which data are available, about one-half to three-fifths of all pregnancies are unintended, and a large proportion of these are resolved through abortion.

In this article, we first discuss women's intentions to postpone or prevent pregnancy, and whether they support these intentions by practicing contraception. This contextual information is based on data from nationally representative surveys for 52 countries.

We then explore the reasons women give for why they obtained an abortion, using the limited information available from a review of published findings of 32 studies conducted in 27 countries, as well as original analyses of survey data from three of these countries the Czech Republic, Turkey and the United States.

Abortion is the killing of a human being, which defies the word of God. The Bible does not draw a distinction between fetuses and babies: the Greek word brephos is used in the Bible to refer to both an unborn child and an infant. Home» Samples» Ethics» Abortion Essay. Abortion Essay. What is the abortion? Abortion is a medical process of the termination of the pregnancy. In simpler words, it is a killing of the little, innocent life that did not make its parents enter the adult life without any contraception. The reasons are quite common for all of them: being. As a conclusion, abortion will surely lead to a bad tendency in society, so government should play their role, which control the abortion activities, ensure that, there is a good reason for abortion, and not the reason of feeling curious toward sexual intercourse.

Within the limitations of the available data, we assess whether women's reasons for seeking abortion vary by region. Finally, we examine how these reasons are related to the characteristics of women who obtain abortions, since despite the intuitive plausibility of a strong association between women's characteristics and their reasons for abortion, few studies have investigated this relationship.

Data Sources Data on Fertility Intentions Forty-nine of 52 fertility surveys that provide background data are from the series of Demographic and Health Surveys DHS conducted by Macro International in collaboration with individual national governments.

These surveys are nationally representative and include all women of reproductive age ages in most countriesexcept in Asia and in North Africa and the Middle East, where only ever-married women were interviewed.Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year.

More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy by abortion at some time in their reproductive lives. An Argument Against Abortion Abortion is a serious topic that people have been debating about for years. Everywhere you turn the topic of abortion presents itself, on TV, in the newspapers, in books and magazines.

Essay title: Why Abortion Should Be Legalized The issue of abortion causes debates about human interactions where factors of ethics, emotions and law come together.

There are many reasons why a woman would decide to have abortions. Reasons Why Stand Against Abortion Essay Reasons Why Stand Against Abortion An abortion is a violation of the most important human right, the right to live.

With its practice people not only make one of the grades misdeeds, but also puts at risk the life of the mother. Home» Samples» Ethics» Abortion Essay.

Abortion Essay. What is the abortion? Abortion is a medical process of the termination of the pregnancy.

Essay on reasons for abortion

In simpler words, it is a killing of the little, innocent life that did not make its parents enter the adult life without any contraception. The reasons are quite common for all of them: being. Of course, if abortion kills an innocent human being then killing done in private is no more acceptable than killing done in public; and the encouragement or assistance of a doctor does not change the nature, consequences, or morality of abortion.

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