Fannyism emilie zoey baker

Pages: 5 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Get Access It is a form of literature that has the power to explore various diverse aspects of life, from emotions to objects, ideologies to gender. All three poems through techniques and language use Of word meanings and order, imagery, figurative language and symbols show different representations and emotions of gender issues. The poems incorporate various figurative language techniques such as denotations, connotations, vivid imagery, metaphors, similes and symbolism.

Fannyism emilie zoey baker

How might the Bible, the Churches and the teachings of Jesus guide Christians in these matters? The history of war has too frequently been the history of this human race.

From the twentieth century onwards, the world has seen the largest and bloodiest wars of all time. Uncountable numbers of men, women and children have died, and still die today as a result of war, with more having been and continuing to be tortured. Many early church leaders indicated that Christians should not participate in war and until AD almost all-Christian literature repudiated involvement in military service and war although some allowed for non-combative roles, similar to the present day.

They believe that all other non-violent means of solving the threat must have been tried first. In the world today there exist weapons of mass destruction; chemical, biological and nuclear.

These weapons have increasingly become a symptom of a divided world that seems to recognize violence as an acceptable way of attempting to resolve conflicts. Through the media, war is put across as a glamorous experience full of glory which taking part in is something to be proud of.

However below the surface, the realities of war are very different. At the beginning of the twentieth century nine out of ten victims of war were soldiers. In the modern world, due to technology the arms trade and nature of war itself, the situation has reversed and consequently nine out of ten victims of war are civilians, the majority being women, children, and the elderly.

The financial cost of warfare is overwhelming. Developed countries pay out over twenty-five times more on their military programmes than on support to poor countries of the world where millions face starvation. Beyond that the cost of war in human terms is just tragic.


Most countries manage well without their own nuclear weapons suggesting those countries that do, do not need them either. However if a country was to disarm, they run the risk of nuclear weapons spreading to other countries that want them, like Iraq.

This would make disarming extremely dangerous. After the Second World War, a soviet advance into Europe appeared likely. For a war to be just, it must comply with the conditions set down by St Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century and then expanded upon by Francisco de Vitoria two centuries later.

They are; 1 The war must be declared by a proper authority such as a government and not by individual groups 2 There must be a good reason for the war that does not include greed. The war must do more good than harm and cannot be carried out for revenge or to intimidate people.

If there is no hope of victory, lives should not be risked by going to war. Only enough force to achieve your goals should be used and only military people and not innocent civilians should be involved.

Generally Christianity is known to be a loving religion in which its followers care for everyone around them, and do their best to live their life in the way they think God wants them to. The majority of Christians do not agree with war because the Bible teaches them to love their enemies.

However the Bible also suggests that God commands some wars. If a nuclear war broke out millions of people, possibly the whole world would be killed, and the balance of nature would be destroyed maybe forever.

Emilie Zoey Baker

Any war in which nuclear weapons were used could easily become an all-out war. Nuclear war would most certainly not intend to do more good than harm as is stated that it must be done in rule three.

The second part of rule three also states that the war must not be carried out to intimidate people. Yet, surely the threat of a vast amount of their land being destroyed, perhaps forever, is to intimidate the rival force.

Perhaps the most important rule that would be broken by a nuclear war is the sixth. Stating that only fair methods must be used and only enough force to achieve your goals. Only military people and not innocent civilians should be involved. In this instance a nuclear war would completely go against this rule as a nuclear bomb would kill thousands, if not more innocent people, and injure countless numbers of further blameless civilians.

The long term consequences of a nuclear war would also involve innocent people as any land that had been in contact with nuclear weapons would probably not be healthy to live on for many years if ever again. In the same light, although terrorist attacks are not ongoing wars, Christians could never support such activities for the fact that they break any theory for a just war.

Terrorism could never be justified through the just war theory because it breaks all of them. Individual groups, not proper authorities, control terrorist attacks, which goes against the first just war rule.emilie zoey baker's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

During renowned Australian hiphop artist Mantra MC and poet, Emilie Zoey Baker went on an Arts Victoria extended residency at Noble Park primary school in association with Australian Poetry wh.

The latest Tweets from Emilie Zoey Baker (@easybee). furious cowgirl, super poet, education nerd, slam ma'am and fannyist. Fanny means VAGINA where I'm from. melbsFollowers: 2K. It is a form of literature that has the power to explore various diverse aspects of life, from emotions to objects, ideologies to gender.

Fanny’s, Imperial Adam and Reflecting on the Male of the Species are some of Australian poems, which explore the issue, and representation of gender. The David Bowie Dancers. 0. Contact. Emilie Zoey Baker, the poet, was absolutely spot on for our year 5 group.

Fannyism emilie zoey baker

She really enthused them about poetry, which is exactly what we wanted. Her slideshow was really funny and at exactly the right level.

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