Is3340 unit 1 lab 1 questions

After making interesting observations Owe identify problems P and questions for investigation.

Is3340 unit 1 lab 1 questions

Wednesday, June 18, Unit 2, Online Lab 1: I also typed the journal questions and answers directly into my blog instead of using their journal because of the same issues.

Is3340 unit 1 lab 1 questions

I have included screen shots from the Virtual Lab website to show that my work was performed there. State a problem about the relationship of age and gender to blood pressure.

Although age and gender impact blood pressure, there are other factors that impact it as well. Genentics and overall health also play a role in determining blood pressure.

Use your knowledge about the heart and the circulatory system to make a hypothesis about how the average blood pressure for a group of people would be affected by manipulating the age and gender of the group members. As age increases, average blood pressure will increase for both men and women.

Men will have higher blood pressure than women. How will you use the investigation screen to test your hypothesis? What steps will you follow? What data will you record? I will measure the blood pressure of a group of women and a group of men for each age group.

I will start with the youngest age group and measure a group of women. I will stay with the same age group and measure a group of men.

I will move on to the next age group and repeat the process until I have gone through each age group. After the measurements are complete for each group, I will also review the medical charts and note hereditary history and unhealthy habits that may impact blood pressure.

The data table is shown in the following two screen shots. I graphed the data using the Create a Graph website. The first graph shown below is the one from that website. The second graph is a screen shot of the graph generated in the Virtual Lab website.

I was not happy with this graph. It was difficult to see the entire graph in one screen shot and the axes were labeled incorrectly.Every Day Starter Questions (1 box/day) /12 Every Day WS: Forces & Motion Unit Vocabulary /50 10/29 (B) there is a “make-up lab” posted online on the Unit Page of the class website.

Look down in the assignments section for this. Forces & Motion Unit Packet.

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2 Lab #2: Molecular Models Work in groups of , each group uses two model kits. Bring your textbook. Refer to pages 23, One of the difficulties of studying molecular bonding is that you cannot see atoms and molecules.

Unit conversions are one of the first topics you need to master in a chemistry course.

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This is a collection of ten chemistry test questions with answers dealing with unit conversions. Question 1. Forensic Science Unit 1 Drug Evidence Lab Questions Gabe Butchart 1. Why is chemical analysis used in forensic science? Chemists use these characteristics to identify substances using scientific methods that can be replicated by other chemists and thus are presentable as fact in court.

Include your responses from this lab in the Word document named Unit 1 Labs xx (where xx are your initials) that you started in Unit 1 Lab Be sure to label each set of answers and/or screenshots with the Exercise number (e.g., Exercise ) so your instructor can grade your lab easily.

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