Nelson mandelais inaugural speech essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He served a numerous amount of years in prison for his protests. Mandela was born July 18,in Mvezo, South Africa.

Nelson mandelais inaugural speech essay

His inauguration address given at Cape Town, South Africa, appears below.

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Today we are entering a new era for our country and its people. Today we celebrate not the victory of a party, but a victory for all the people of South Africa. Our country has arrived at a decision. Among all the parties that contested the elections, the overwhelming majority of South Africans have mandated the African National Congress to lead our country into the future.

The South Africa we have struggled for, in which all our people, be they African, Colored, Indian or White, regard themselves as citizens Nelson mandelais inaugural speech essay one nation is at hand.

Perhaps it was history that ordained that it be here, at the Cape of Good Hope that we should lay the foundation stone of our new nation. For it was here at this Cape, over three centuries ago, that there began the fateful convergence of the peoples of Africa, Europe and Asia on these shores.

It was to this peninsula that the patriots, among them many princes and scholars, of Indonesia were dragged in chains. It was on the sandy plains of this peninsula that first battles of the epic wars of resistance were fought.

When we look out across Table Bay, the horizon is dominated by Robben Island, whose infamy as a dungeon built to stifle the spirit of freedom is as old as colonialism in South Africa. For three centuries that island was seen as a place to which outcasts can be banished.

The names of those who were incarcerated on Robben Island is a roll call of resistance fighters and democrats spanning over three centuries. If indeed this is a Cape of Good Hope, that hope owes much to the spirit of that legion of fighters and others of their calibre.

We have fought for a democratic constitution since the s. Ours has been a quest for a constitution freely adopted by the people of South Africa, reflecting their wishes and their aspirations. The struggle for democracy has never been a matter pursued by one race, class, religious community or gender among South Africans.

In honoring those who fought to see this day arrive, we honor the best sons and daughters of all our people. We can count amongst them Africans, Coloreds, Whites, Indians, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews - all of them united by a common vision of a better life for the people of this country.

It was that vision that inspired us in when we adopted the first ever Bill of Rights in this country. That same vision spurred us to put forward the African Claims in It is also the founding principle of the Freedom Charter we adopted as policy inwhich in its very first lines, places before South Africa an inclusive basis for citizenship.

Analysis of Mandela Speech | Essay Example

In s the African National Congress was still setting the pace, being the first major political formation in South Africa to commit itself firmly to a Bill of Rights, which we published in November These milestones give concrete expression to what South Africa can become.

They speak of a constitutional, democratic, political order in which, regardless of color, gender, religion, political opinion or sexual orientation, the law will provide for the equal protection of all citizens. They project a democracy in which the government, whomever that government may be, will be bound by a higher set of rules, embodied in a constitution, and will not be able govern the country as it pleases.

Democracy is based on the majority principle. This is especially true in a country such as ours where the vast majority have been systematically denied their rights.

At the same time, democracy also requires that the rights of political and other minorities be safeguarded. In the political order we have established there will regular, open and free elections, at all levels of government - central, provincial and municipal.

There shall also be a social order which respects completely the culture, language and religious rights of all sections of our society and the fundamental rights of the individual.

The task at hand on will not be easy. But you have mandated us to change South Africa from a country in which the majority lived with little hope, to one in which they can live and work with dignity, with a sense of self-esteem and confidence in the future.Inaugural Speech by Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela’s inauguration speech held major significance in many ways due mainly to the fact that before becoming the first black president of South Africa, he had spent decades fighting against apartheid and enduring 22 years of prison. Nelson Mandela Inauguration Speech – Analysis Essay Example Posted on July 11, January 5, by bros2qET1 All inaugural references use tools of .

Nelson Mandela Presidential Inaugural Speech. delivered 10 May , Pretoria, South AfricaOur daily deeds as ordinary South Africans must produce an actual South African reality that will reinforce humanity’s belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul, and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all.

A Rhetorical Analysis (Essay) I chose to do an analysis of Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Address and the Inaugural Address genre.

Nelson mandelais inaugural speech essay

I researched topics such as Burke's Rhetoric of Motives, racial rhetoric, political rhetoric, and other presidential inaugural addresses.

When writing his inaugural speech, which is a form of oral rhetoric. Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address was delivered outdoors in an amphitheatre on 10th May at the Union Buildings, South Africa.

The Union Buildings housed the first democratically elected, first black and first equal president of South Africa. Inaugural Speech by Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela’s inauguration speech held major significance in many ways due mainly to the fact that before becoming the first black president of South Africa, he had spent decades fighting against apartheid and enduring 22 years of prison.

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