Storywrite allpoetry

Build a home is the title you gave one of your posts. You called me disgruntled after I left my initial posts. Everything is a game to you. You do not care if a fake review affects the livelihood of another person.

Storywrite allpoetry

Hello, people who are reading this!!!

storywrite allpoetry

I can't tell you my real name, because I don't want to be stalked because I'm SO worth stalking XP but if you want you can call me Ivory Gold because that's going to be my pen name when I get published.

Because I want to prove to the world that young people can write just as well as older people. But anyways, random facts about me! But there are several other ones that I like a lot. Especially if it has any romance in it.

You know, it's really crowded in here. I barely have any breathing room.

Everything Turns Grey

Well deal with it! I think I'm going storywrite allpoetry have to-- Me: I was going to say turn on the air conditioning. Heheh, sorry about that. It just takes away from the story. I am also a hypocrite, because I never proofread and have the same problems in my stories.

XP 9 I also write my own stories, not just fanfiction. Hence why I'm trying to get a book published. I put a little description a little further down on my profile about them. XP 10 When I'm talking to someone and there's that awkward moment when no one knows what to say, I'll either say, "So, how are you?

But when I do, you learn to never try me again. Even just a few words saying, "It's good," or "It needs some work," or even, "This is actually really bad," are nice, but my favorites are the long ones that have constructive criticism.

Schedule and Location

They give me something to work on. I even appreciate flaming. But if you do decide to flame me, keep this in mind: I most likely won't take your flaming seriously unless you've got something that I've seen myself and have every intention of fixing, simply because I find flaming unnecessary.

Flaming seems excessive to me. And when I say I won't take it seriously, I don't mean I'll just brush it off and say, "Whatever, I don't really care.

In fact, one of my favorite reviews that I've ever gotten was when someone flamed me once.I've published alot of my poetry of and, but those sites are usually made up of teenagers. Though, being one myself, I can't complain.

I've also written a fair bit of Fanfiction, that can be found at under the pen names. The judge's presence lent a more serious tone to our dinner group. He was serious yesterday.

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Is WikiAnswers a serious website