Swot cartier luxury brand

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Swot cartier luxury brand

Compared to the previous rating, it was a drop since this French brand used to be in at the 4th position. This decrease is mostly to be explained by the skyrocketing arrival of Gucci and Prada in this ranking. But, this independent French company still remains one of the best examples of luxury marketing.

Therefore, there is no wonder why most of the brand's communication is centered about her heritage but also the strategy is to reaffirm the brand's image always reflecting its modernity. But always bringing them a modern twist which makes these recognition elements parts of a timeless fashion, which can be worn by young and older customers.

Obviously the British actress, Keira Knightley, looks too much like Coco Chanel in her young age to be a coincidence. A description which perfectly applies to Coco Chanel. But this digital communication watched by hundred thousands of viewers is not the only way used by Chanel to promote its legacy.

The brand decided to organize an exhibition about one of the most iconic products of the brand: This itinerant exhibition in was also an art project made with the famous designer Zaha Hadid and was showcased in Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York and should have gone to London and Moscow if the financial crisis would have not put a premature end to this ambitious project.

But beyond this preservation of an endangered industry, this strategy also allows Chanel to secure its production and its supply chain integrating all the different manufacturing steps.

On the contrary, the French house is also very concerned to demonstrate its creativity.

Therefore, a turn has been taken with the last fashion shows. As well as both Ready-to-Wear collections: A smart way to underline that the Chanel customer is a modern woman.

Swot cartier luxury brand

A further proof of this close association between Chanel and modern creativity is also easy to perceive in the brand's shops. Karl Lagerfeld, who is himself a highly cultivated person, likes art in many forms.

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Everybody knows that he is passionate with the photography. But he's also a modern art lover. An important amount of money were allocated to allow Marino to buy every year pieces of work or even to commission contemporary artists.

When visiting a Chanel 's flagship store, the clients have the opportunity to see works from Jean-Michel Othoniel with his pearl sculptures or from Mark Swanson. This willingness to be perceived not only as a timeless fashion brand but also as a fashionable brand is clear if we consider the spokespersons used for the advertising.

With a very well mastered and consistent communication to enhance its luxury brand image, Chanel is addressing as well as to the Western clients as the new ones from the emerging countries which are the real challenge to ensure the continued success of the brand.

Sign up now for unlimited access to our Database and Marketing Researches.This fashion brand has also introduced some luxury products in the market but its market is limited to mainly Japan and America. The products are costly and most of the clients cannot afford to buy them so the margin of the sale is also very close.

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Low margins: Cartier is a luxury brand and thus can cater to only the higher income segment. The costs of designing and marketing, the retailing and distribution costs etc.

are exorbitant for luxury brands. In order to establish our luxury clothing brand, we have to make sure that there is a growing marketplace and ever growing demand for luxury clothes in the countries we wish to have our presence.

According to market research analysis, there is a growing demand for luxury clothes both in the UK and worldwide. 4" " SWOT Analysis Opportunities Although Michael Kors has been established for over 30 years, the brand is still emerging itself into the affordable luxury fashion market.

The Global Luxury Hotels Market - Key Trends and Opportunities to News provided by. Reportlinker leading luxury hotel brands had mobile websites and offered mobile applications. SWOT Analysis Strengths 2 / 4. Cartier 1. The brand has an image as a luxury brand and popular global premium product 2.

Known predominantly as a jeweller, Cartier has an excellent reputation for beautiful and unique watches 3. High brand loyalty in the premium segment 4. Good advertising and brand presence through print ads and TVCs.

Swot cartier luxury brand
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