Tools and techniques check sheets essay

How Successful Students Make the Grade Like many students at university, you may be unhappy about the results you attain in exams. You may feel that even with all you are doing there must be something more -- or different-- you could be doing to get better grades.

Tools and techniques check sheets essay

Author Archive Specific techniques for data collection, fundamental to accurate analysis, are sometimes overlooked in the need to see outcomes or trends in data. The lowly check sheet represents a critical tool in effective data collection if it is used correctly.

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Because check sheets are such simple tools, they are sometimes associated with quick-and-dirty, penciled notations that record data as it is collected. But creating an effective check sheet involves thinking, understanding why the data is being collected, how it will be used, who will gather it, where it will be gathered, and when it will be gathered.

It is, fundamentally, a matter of design. By designing the data collection process rather than simply barging into it, one assures that the data itself will be useful and accurate.

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Almost everyone, after all, uses check sheets. Why is data being collected? Check sheets are useful in this step, as well as in the ongoing monitoring of improvement efforts, since they provide a consistent way to collect data regardless of who is collecting it.

If a problem in on-time delivery of medications to hospital patients demands improvement in the delivery process, it will be important to collect data on the medication delivery as it currently stands. Knowing whether medications are 10 minutes late on average, four hours late, or two days late helps to focus the improvement process.

In this case, the purpose of data collection is to establish a baseline from which improvement can be considered. It would be important to collect data not only by number of incidents, but by time of day, length of delay, and perhaps type of medication.

How is this data to be used? Because the data related to scratches on finished manufactured products will be monitored over time even after the process has been improved, a check sheet that is designed to record types of scratches, location of scratches on the product, and the point in the process in which scratches occur most frequently, as well as the number of scratches that are identified, will give information that can be used on an ongoing basis.

Analysis can drill down to distinguish sources of problems that occur over time. Who will gather the data? If, on the other hand, collection will be the responsibility of only one staff member, that consistency can be achieved by seeing the data in the same way each time.

In a classroom, students might record their own spelling test results on individual check sheets that reflect the number of words misspelled each week, or the percentage of correctly-spelled words, or perhaps the specific types of errors double consonants, suffixes, etc.

But if a check sheet is created for all members of the class, it will be important that each one collects the same kind of data, or that all members collect data in the same way.

Where and when will data be collected? In order to garner the most useful information from the data that is collected, advance planning is critical.

Depending on the purpose of the data collection, it might be important to include data for different shifts, different problems wrong label, prescription not filled to specified amount, etc. Is it important to collect data once a day? This decision depends, again, on the purpose for which the data will be used.

In answering these and other questions that are to be addressed before launching a data collection process, one step to be taken involves listing all the needs that are anticipated for this data.

If someone wants to discover how many infections are occurring in inpatient care, brainstorming might yield other related questions: What kinds of infections are manifested? What are the ages of patients who are infected?

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Tools and techniques check sheets essay

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