Why i want to be an army officer essay format

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Why i want to be an army officer essay format

Why i want to be an army officer essay format

Clarke ; they were known as the "big three" that dominated U. In contrast to the others, Heinlein firmly endorsed the anti-communist sentiment of the Cold War era in his writing.

Navy for five years after graduating from the United States Naval Academy in His experience in the military profoundly influenced his fiction. His motivation arose partially from his anger at U. President Dwight Eisenhower 's decision to suspend U.

Heinlein stated that he used the novel to clarify his military and political views. It was originally written as a juvenile novel for New York publishing house Scribner ; Heinlein had previously had success with this format, having written several such novels published by Scribner.

The manuscript was rejected, prompting Heinlein to end his association with the publisher completely, and resume writing books with adult themes. Asked whether it was aimed at children or adults, he said at a sales conference "Let's let the readers decide who likes it.

People of either gender above the age of 18 are permitted to enlist. Those who leave before completing their service do not receive the vote. The "Arachnids" or " Bugs " are shown as communal beings originating from the planet of Klendathu.

They have multiple castes; workers, soldiers, brains, and queens, similar to ants and termites. The soldiers are the only ones who fight, and are unable to surrender in battle.

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It is one of the few Heinlein novels which intersperses his typical linear narrative structure with a series of flashbacks. He is from a wealthy family, whose members had never served in the army.

The platoon carries out a raid against a planetary colony held by Skinnies. One of them, Dizzy Flores, dies while returning to orbit. Rico and his best friend Carl are considering joining the Federal Service after graduation; Rico is hesitant, partly due to his father's attitude towards the military.

Dubois, who taught Rico's History and Moral Philosophy in school, sends Rico a letter, revealing that he is a Mobile Infantry veteran himself.

The letter helps Rico stay motivated enough not to resign. An Arachnid attack that annihilates the city of Buenos Aires alerts civilians to the situation; Rico's mother is killed in the attack. Rico ends up going to see Jelal, and finds that Jelal already had the paperwork ready.

Rico enters Officer Candidate School for a second course of training, including further courses in "History and Moral Philosophy". He is also visited in school by Carmen, now an ensign and ship's pilot officer in the Navy, and the two discuss their friend Carl, who had been killed earlier in the war.

Under the tutelage of his company commander, Captain Blackstone, and with the aid of his platoon sergeant, his boot camp drill instructor Fleet Sergeant Zim, who was reassigned from Mobile Infantry boot camp Camp CurrieRico commands a platoon during "Operation Royalty", a raid to capture members of the Arachnid brain caste and queens.

The novel ends with him holding the rank of Second Lieutenant, in command of his old platoon in the Rodger Young, with his father as his platoon sergeant. The platoon has been renamed "Rico's Roughnecks", and is about to participate in an attack on Klendathu. Instead, much of the novel is given over to a discussion of ideas.

Some contend that the novel maintains a sense of irony that allows readers to draw their own conclusions; others argue that Heinlein is sermonizing throughout the book, and that its purpose is to expound Heinlein's militaristic philosophy.

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It suggests that some conflicts must be resolved by force: Reviewers have suggested that the Arachnids are Heinlein's analogue for communists. Traits used to support this include the communal nature of the Arachnids, which makes them capable of a much higher degree of coordination than the humans.

Bug society is once explicitly described as communist, and is moreover depicted as communist by nature; this has been read as implying that those with a different political ideology are analogous to alien beings.

The concept of the frontier includes a social-Darwinist argument of constantly fighting for survival, even at the expense of indigenous people or, in the case of Starship Troopers, of aliens. Heinlein suggests that without territorial expansion involving violent conquest of other races, humans would be destroyed.

His training, both at boot camp and at officer candidate school, involves learning the value of militarismthus inviting the reader to learn it as well. This typical narrative is that of a sloppy and unfit civilian being knocked into shape by tough officers, whose training is "calculated sadism" but is depicted as fundamentally being on the right side.In the chaos and uncertainty of modern war, our troops must be empowered to make decisions, take the initiative, and lead boldly.

This is Mission Command: a command culture, leadership style, and operating concept that has been embraced by armed forces the world over. As the open source movement reaches the two-decade milestone, thoughts turn to the movement's achievements and future goals.

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Why I Want to Be an Army Officer Essay There are two main reasons why I want to become an Officer.

Why i want to be an army officer essay format

First of all, I want to make a difference in the training of Reserve Soldiers. I honestly can say I think I was selected because of my Warrant Officer Essay, I had literally people in my chain of command review, make suggestions, apply some of what they said, then went back to them with what I kept and what I changed.

DR of why you want to join the aviation family, could use a little more exposition so it doesn't. Nov 25,  · Throw in something about the army core values and how they relate to your life.

Take out the GPA standings. While it is important that doesn't mean much in the essay. The essay is a quick note to remind the review board that you understand what it means to be an officer.

My essay was considered one of the best they had seen.

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